What We Do

Our scope of work is varied and covers many disciplines depending on our client’s needs, we have listed out some of the main services below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for something that might not be in our list is only a guide to what we can offer.

  • Central plant control
  • • Multi boiler installation sequencing
  • • Multi chiller installation sequencing
  • • Demand based operating solutions
  • • Season dependent load compensation
  • • Variable volume system control (boilers & chillers)
  • • Entirely open protocol systems for full interoperation

  • Ventilation control
  • • Variable volume systems
  • • Indirect and direct gas fired systems
  • • Standard chilled water and low temperature hot water ventilation system control
  • • De stratification systems
  • • Ventilation on demand control
  • • Specialist in retrofitting to existing systems which have failed or are ineffective

  • Lighting control
  • • Constant light control
  • • Daylight linking control
  • • Dimming
  • • Colour sequencing of RGB LED lighting
  • • We use KNX, DALI and DMX in any combination
  • • We supply the Bilton range of LED lighting and KNX/DALI/DMX specialist drivers, all EU sourced to meet the specialist
      requirements of architects and interior designers

  • Kitchen ventilation & gas interlock
  • • Ventilation on demand for kitchens using Co2, humidity and temperature
  • • Canopy in use detection of multi canopy kitchens when served by a single ventilation system to increase ventilation rate
  • • Individual canopy volume control (supply & extract) in multi canopy installations.
  • • Integrated automatic ventilation interlock
  • • Integrated automatic gas weep bypass leak detection
  • • Integrated canopy light controls
  • • Kitchen occupancy detection to switch  kitchen lights on/off and start ventilation in background mode
  • • Kitchen temperature control included

  • Metering solutions
  • • Unique electricity metering solution without  electricity meters
  • • Metering using Modbus meters
  • • Metering using Mbus (meter bus)
  • • Providing all the above for BACnet systems
  • • Full systems with database & graphics (MSQL based) For full building automation

  • Old BMS replacement specialists
  • • We specialise in replacing old and obsolete BMS systems which are too expensive to support or replace by traditional
      BMS providers.
  • • Replace your old BMS with a new fast and flexible control system and take advantage of new and emerging technologies
      such as KNX, DALi, en-ocean etc., to control lighting heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


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