Kitchen Ventilation Gas interlock with Gas pressure proving

We offer a unique "One Box" integrated solution for all kitchen ventilation and gas safety management in all commercial kitchen environments.

The Red Controls Kitchen Safe RCS­1 interlock and gas proving system with multiple features available where and when required

● Gas pressure proving
● Ventilation Interlock
● Carbon Dioxide level monitoring
● Multiple gas detection with continuous level monitoring of gases
● Demand controlled ventilation
● Built in fire test isolation control
● Built in Inverter fan speed control for supply and extract
● Built in supply temperature control for LTHW, Indirect Gas and Electric heater battery served supply air systems, all fully interlocked for each system type
RCS1 Gas Pressure proving:
Using a pressure proving method the RCS1 system checks the gas pipe work and appliances in a kitchen for gas leaks.

Ventilation interlock:
It is a requirement (See BS 6173/2009 & IGEM UP19/Edition 1) that any mechanical ventilation within a kitchen environment (supply and extract) is switched on and running before the use of any gas appliances can take place.

The easy to use touch screen of the RCS1 provides a clear indication of the entire system status and allows for easy setup and commissioning.

Carbon Dioxide monitoring:
Supplied with one CO 2 detector as standard (more can be added), the RCS1 provides catering staff with information based on the room ventilation quality.

Demand controlled ventilation::
The RCS1 monitors the carbon dioxide level and temperature to control the complete area ventilation in commercial kitchens. This enables energy and cost savings because the ventilation rate is adjusted in relation to demand. Where the CO 2 level rises above prescribed limits, the the RCS1 system will isolate the gas supply..

Gas detection:
The RCS1 is designed to accept multiple gas detectors including natural and LPG gases, carbon monoxide, oxygen depletion, as well as CO 2 . Isolation of gas will occur upon detection of the target gases at prescribed levels.

The RCS1 comes complete with Ecovent function to operate the kitchen ventilation at reduced volume (Saving energy) when cooking is not taking place in the kitchen. Ecovent starts the ventilation system using a user defined time schedule.

When in Ecovent mode the gas supply is isolated. The gas valve is opened by pressing the start button which increases the fan speed to the required volume, checks ventilation interlock is satisfied, performs a gas pressure prove which if successful will open the gas valve.

Operation of an emergency stop in Ecovent will close the gas valve keeping the ventilation running in reduced volume until the user defined schedule ends.

Fire Alarm:
A fire alarm input is available which will shuts down the entire system until the fire alarm is reset. An optional fire alarm test function is available if required to prevent the system shutting down on fire alarm test. Unit

The kitchen user interface is extremely small (175mmx250mmx75mm) and is a safe extra low voltage device (SELV) Which can be mounted up to 100m away from the central power unit which contains the inverters and other low voltage equipment, and can be mounted on the side of the air handling unit or any convenient space (Switch room, boiler house etc.,) de cluttering the the kitchen walls and removing low voltage equipment from the cooking areas.

Download Brochure and User Manual

Other options and custom programming are available, please talk to one of our specialists for more details.

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