Integrated Control Systems

Our highly experienced consultants offer design, manufacture and installation of bespoke control systems using highest quality components from Wago. A single Red system will control lighting, heating and air quality providing our clients with the highest level of comfort and convenience at the lowest cost of ownership and lowest energy consumption.

All our systems offer true room-centred control - an essential when striving to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. This is only achievable with a Red control system.

Our systems also have intelligence at room level - and not like the large inflexible plant room rooted “BMS” Systems favoured by most mechanical engineers.

A Red control system can be BACnet, Modbus, KNX, DALI or all three:

  • • Using DALI, enocean, MBus and MPbus in any combination
  • • Other protocols all supported and engineered in the same controller
  • • No need for fancy integration, communications gateways or other foreign hardware
  • • Touch screens, web-based solutions and server solutions
  • • Meter electricity directly without the use of meters

Our scope of work is varied and covers many disciplines depending on our client’s needs:

  • • Central plant control
  • • Ventilation control
  • • Lighting control
  • • Kitchen ventilation & gas interlock
  • • Metering solutions
  • • Old BMS replacement specialists

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